Construction Law

The construction industry is vital to the commercial and personal development of this country. From homes to small and large commercial buildings to the infrastructure that allows us to get from place to place, construction covers a multitude of aspects of our daily life.

With nearly two decades of experience in construction law in Georgia, our lead attorney has the expertise necessary to understand every facet of this complex yet necessary industry. Whether you’re in the construction business or you need representation because of a matter involving the industry, we’re happy to walk alongside you and assist with all your legal needs.


If you’re involved in the construction industry, you’re aware that, as in every type of business, it’s important to have representation when you face a legal challenge. Not all business attorneys are the same, and you need a law firm that comprehends the intricacies of construction law. 

Whether you’re facing legal action or are looking to pursue a suit against another party, you should find an attorney who knows the industry inside and out. Our attorneys have represented contractors and clients, and we understand the importance of justice to clients on both sides. We’re well versed in state and local construction regulations, and our staff will treat you with fairness and respect.

Don’t just trust your case to any attorney. Call us, and we’ll help you achieve the outcome you’re looking for.


Accidents and unfortunate incidents can happen to anyone, and when a problem arises as a result of negligence on the part of a construction contractor, in Georgia you have the right to take those responsible to court. If a structure does not conform to building codes, the builder may be accountable for it. 

You may be a contractor, subcontractor, or vendor facing a claim of negligence. If someone makes an allegation of negligent construction against your company, don’t settle for any representative.

Whether you’re looking to make right a contractor’s poor workmanship or whether you need to defend your business against a claim, you need an attorney in your corner who will fight for you, and our firm can help. With our experience in Georgia construction law, we can represent you and help you win your case.


A contract is a powerful document that holds both sides accountable for its fulfillment. When one party or another fails to hold its end of the contract, there are legal obligations. If you’re in a contract with another individual or company, and they fail to live up to what they’ve agreed, you should contact an attorney.

If you’re facing a vendor, contractor, or customer who isn’t fulfilling the contract you agreed to, reach out to our firm. We have the expertise when it comes to contract litigation in Georgia to help you make it right. At the same time, if another party is falsely taking action against you for breach of contract, we can help you prove that you have help up your end of the contract. Trust our firm to treat you right and to assist you in reaching the outcome you seek.