Businesses are like people. They are all different. We want to spend time with each business to understand their values and goals. By spending time with our clients, we can advise them how to legally navigate to where they want to be. Whether you are identifying which business entity is appropriate for your start up, developing and growing with funding and financing options, or a mature firm looking for acquisitions, we look to establish a long-term commitment with each entity we work with and help them stay in the lead.
Building up your business starts with ensuring that you follow appropriate laws. Part of that process means you work with the right professionals. Corporate or business law differs from other areas of law due to the complexities required to handle the needs of a business. By recognizing when to work with a corporate lawyer, you are able to protect and maintain your company.

What is Corporate Law?

Corporate law, which is also called business law, in an area of the legal system that works with businesses and corporations. It focuses on the needs of companies rather than individuals. Lawyers working for a corporation or working with a business help the company comply with local, state and federal laws or standards. By understanding corporate laws and clarifying when you need to work with a corporate lawyer, you are able to protect your company from potential legal challenges.

When to Work with a Corporate Lawyer

A question that may arise when you start a business is when you should work with a corporate lawyer. Legal assistance does not always seem necessary when you start out and begin working on building your company.
In general, you want to hire a corporate lawyer whenever there are legal concerns for your business.

Common situations that benefit from working with our legal team include:

  • Writing contracts to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each partner in the business
  • Writing contracts with your suppliers or other businesses
  • Reviewing contracts from other companies to ensure that it works with your company interests
  • Clarifying legal concerns related to your business, particularly when you want to start hiring employees or have concerns about a particular regulation that applies to your business
  • Asking for legal assistance on a particular problem in your business
  • Addressing a problem with a legal case

Our lawyers have a varied set of business and legal skills. We make sure to work with your business to prevent legal challenges through proper paperwork, compliance, and potential concerns. We recognize that you may have questions regarding the process to set up and start your business. We help with every stage of developing and improving your company so that you can focus on growth.

Complying with the Law

The primary service of any corporate lawyer is to ensure that your company complies with the law. That means your business will not face legal challenges when you go through the hiring process, you create contracts with other companies or you work on company expansion.
Legal compliance is a key part of any business. Corporate law focuses on ensuring that your company complies with state, local and federal laws. By working with our lawyers, you will avoid unnecessary challenges with the legal system.
Your business needs the right team to protect your interests and avoid unnecessary conflicts. By working with our legal team, you will have the right professionals handling your interests and goals. We make sure your company complies with the law and that you have representation when challenges or concerns arise.


Business owners have plenty on their plates. From interacting with customers to watching the bottom line, running a business requires considerable time and effort. As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about legal matters, especially when you can have an experienced corporate attorney and business attorney on your side.

No two businesses are alike, and you need attorneys who understand that fact. We understand how each business has its own character and niche. We can help you comply with state, local, and federal law as well as partner with you through matters of litigation and negotiation.


All businesses require contracts at one time or another, and sooner or later you will too. Contracts require specific wording and phrasing to ensure that the agreement is properly memorialized and your rights are protected. A poorly written contract can often create more problems than no contract at all. When an attorney is involved from the beginning, it often saves time, effort, money and stress on the back end.  It’s crucial to make sure that you have an attorney help you draft and negotiate your contracts.

As contract attorneys in Georgia, we have the expertise to ensure that your contracts adhere to legal standards. Whether our firm drafts the contract for you or simply reviews a contract that you or someone else has drafted, we can help. Our team can look over contracts from vendors or other companies to determine whether they fit your corporate vision or structure, and we can You can count on us to make certain that your contracts are beneficial for all parties involved.


Nobody, including businesses, want to spend time and money in court. Our firm focuses on working with each entity to minimize this possibility.  Sometimes, however, it is unavoidable. Whether you are the recipient of a lawsuit, or whether you need to take another party to court, our firm can help you navigate the waters of litigation.

With decades of experience in business litigation in Georgia, our attorneys will handle your case with compassion and professionalism. We will gather the evidence and address every aspect of your case. You can trust us to fight for your interests and make sure that you and your business receive an equitable outcome. Litigation is rarely an enjoyable experience for a business owner, but our firm can remove the barriers that make going to court such a headache.


One of the most complicated parts of owning a business is knowing your rights as a creditor. How far can you go in collecting debts? What are the limits in pursuing parties who owe you money? What do financial contracts and paperwork entail? Having an attorney with expertise in business law in Georgia can help you understand your rights.

Our firm can be a key asset in helping you enforce your rights and responsibilities as a creditor. We can answer questions regarding collections and asset recovery, and we have a depth of knowledge that can prove valuable to your business. We can represent you as a creditor in bankruptcy proceedings, and we can even help defend you against unfair collections efforts. You can rely on us to help you understand the financial aspects of running your business.


Starting a new business is worthwhile, but it can be difficult. Standards and regulations at every level can complicate getting your business off the ground. Having a legal expert in your corner can help ensure that you begin your new venture in compliance with the law.

Our attorneys are experts in business formation in Georgia. You can count on us to help write up contracts, negotiate large transactions and, of course, answer questions involving regulations or other legal matters. We can assist you in setting up and developing your company so that you can avoid unnecessary challenges with the legal system. We’re in your corner when you’re ready to take the plunge in business.