Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

When your life is on the line, experience matters. Our lead criminal defense attorney has over 25 years of experience. Our firm handles cases that range from 1st degree murder to DUI and simple possession charges.
When charged with a criminal defense it calls your integrity and reputation into question. The stress can seem insurmountable. Depending on the charges, a conviction could take away several years of your life. No matter the level of charges, moving violations to murder, each client is treated with the same level of attention, courtesy and respect. We communicate constantly with each client and meticulously examine all evidence, so you can rest assured that your case, your life, is in excellent hands.
When you’re charged with a criminal offense, there are several steps in the process and each one is vital to protecting your constitutional rights. Contact our firm immediately to make sure your rights are preserved.

When you face charges for a criminal offense, it’s easy to feel like your world is turned upside down. The stress can overwhelm you, and choosing the wrong attorney can make you feel like you’re facing it alone. That’s why it’s so important to have the best Georgia criminal defense attorney on your side.

With decades of experience in criminal defense in cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder, our team will represent you with courtesy, fairness, and respect. We will examine the evidence and communicate clearly and constantly with you to ensure that you receive justice.

We know that your life and freedom are at stake, and that’s why we will work with you to resolve your case.


If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, chances are you have a lot of questions. What will happen to your driving record? What kinds of fines can you face? Will the court suspend your license. If you contact us, you can rest assured that we will answer all your questions and help you work out the best possible resolution.

We have expertise in Georgia DUI law, and you can rely on our attorneys to investigate every detail of your case to ensure that officers complied with the law. We will make certain that all evidence is admissible before the court, and we will explain every step of the process so that you don’t have to worry. A DUI charge can seem insurmountable, but with our help, you don’t have to go it alone.


Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re young. As a parent, you don’t want your child’s mistakes following him or her into adulthood. We believe that the juvenile court system should rehabilitate children rather than incarcerate them, and that’s why you should find an attorney who understands juvenile court in Georgia.

Our attorneys have experience helping families facing juvenile justice, from small offenses to larger crimes. We will examine every aspect of your child’s situation to help the court understand what drove your child to break the law. You can trust us to help your family reach achieve the best possible outcome.


Too many people believe that if they receive a traffic ticket, the only solution is to pay the ticket and move on. However, that’s not always the case. With the right attorney on your side, you can save both money and your driving record.

Our firm has years of expertise when it comes to traffic laws in Georgia. We understand that every situation is different and that there’s no one size fits all solution. We will examine your case to determine the best course of action for you, and we will keep you informed every step of the way. We can help you see justice and preserve your driving record.


A drug possession charge is extremely serious and can carry consequences that follow you for the rest of your life. Drug charges can affect your ability to gain employment or result in seizure of property. Whether you’ve been arrested for possession of marijuana, controlled substances, or any illicit drug, you need an expert attorney to handle your case.

We are seasoned drug crime defense attorneys here in Georgia, and we will examine your case carefully to represent you and help you achieve a just and fair outcome. You can rest assured that we will communicate with you and treat you with respect. You want the best legal representation in your corner, so call on us to fight for you.


A probation sentence is certainly preferable over jail time, but if you’re on probation, you know that you have to adhere to the terms of your probation. Violating the terms of your probation carries some strong penalties, so if you face a charge of violation of probation, you need an attorney who can help defend your freedom.

You may have broken the terms of your probation under the most innocuous of circumstances, but the court is likely to treat you with disbelief. With years of experience in Georgia probation law, our attorneys will walk with you through your hearings and help the court determine whether your violation was significant and intentional. We will treat you with compassion and dignity and help you regain the freedom that you’ve worked hard to regain.