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Old Fashioned Values, New Ideas

Pemberton Law, LLC was built on a few simple precepts. People are to be treated not as a means to an end, but the end itself. The relationships we build with each person who works in our firm, partner or clerk, and each client, big or small, matters more than revenue. It is easy to decide what to focus on once you decide what you value most. We value people. Our firm mission is to base every single decision we make against these foundational ideas.

Leveraging Technology
in the Practice of Law.

The best attorney for your specific case doesn’t have to be the local attorney. We solve the ‘small town firm’ problem by increasing our geographic footprint and offering our clients multiple office locations that house attorneys who specialize in varying areas of law. We synergize the practice of law with the latest technology by digitizing our firm. If the best attorney for your matter is in another office location, that attorney has access to all of the data necessary to work on your case instantly. We make sure you meet the actual attorney working your case, regardless of location, either in person or through video capable conference rooms.

New technology allows us to streamline the workflow of a case to offer quality representation at a fair and affordable price. We admit that many of us prefer to read on paper or work with a paper file. The problem, however, is it takes more time to sort through a paper file than a digital one. You may see our attorney walking around with the old yellow legal pads. Know, however, that everything, including those legal pad notes, is digitized so we spend less time sorting and looking for information, so we get more done for our clients in less time.

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